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days in the lives of the moggies of weatherwitch

feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
We are the cats of weatherwitch :) (known on lj as weatherwitch101

I am Susie - also known as Susie Floosie - I'm a white & grey shorthaired moggy. weatherwitch says I'm a very sweet cat but I am also shy & nervous with most people, which means I often hit out at people, even those I actually like! However, sadly I'm always getting picked on by my fellow adopted siblings. I was a stray living in the part derelict stables out the back of where weatherwitch used to work, & eventually she brought me home to live with her at Yule 1999. I am about 16 now & weatherwitch says I am showing many signs of old age now. Although I love to pee on the bathroom rug I have been wrongly accused of peeing in weatherwitch's sock basket too which I would never do! (It was Tobacco because she caught him doing it!)

I am Rosie Whiskas, I'm a long haired tabby aged about 6 or 7. I have a beautiful sweet temperament & I have never bitten or scratched anyone. I was also a stray & I very quickly decided I was moving in with weatherwitch & I fought a year long battle to be allowed to do so. It took so long because she already had two cats being Susie & Matilda but I won in the end. I am real cuddle cat, very affectionate, very socialable, & I love to talk a lot. I also love going on walks in the woods with weatherwitch :) I'm also known as Rosie Posie & Pantaloon Lil - which I will answer to but don't really want too!

I am Tobacco - & I am without doubt the top cat of the household. I rule & control my furry siblings with a paw of iron, but manage to wind the humans I love round my little paw. However I am very timid with strangers & don't like leaving the security of my home & garden very much because I also was a stray. However like Susie I had a tough time when homeless & so I'm very wary of all people but don't like men very much at all & tend to run as far away as possible from them. I am around 18 months to 2 years old, making me the kitten of the family. My nickname is Waccy Baccy! I also sometimes pee in the loo rather than in my own cat tray, my favourite time to try this is when someone is already on it, I like to make them move them fast :D

My YouTube debut, I'm famous :-D
Link to YouTube video found here :-)

We rule the home, weatherwitch panders to all our whims, well that's what we hope anyway :)

If you want to know more about our owner weatherwitch you can find her journal here - weatherwitch101

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