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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
19 February 2015 @ 12:56 am

Quick test post after an 8 year vanishing act. We can access our accounts again :-D

feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
02 October 2007 @ 05:15 pm
It has been a very stressful time for us here, weatherwitch was very poorly & had to be taken to her parents so H from the carers group came out to feed us for a few days, since we like her it wasn't too bad. She also made a huge fuss of us but it just wasn't weatherwitch :-(

It was fantastic to see weatherwitch home again on Sunday, Rosie & I fought for space on her lap & chest, Susie talked non-stop, mind we all did. weatherwitch cried when she saw us so I think she missed us too.

However the next day she found that we had been neglecting our duties, it seems we should have been defending the house from marauders. Instead somehow, mice got into the airing cupboard & ate the spare loo rolls. Opps ...

Tobacco & mouse chewed loo roll!
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
05 September 2007 @ 06:07 pm
There I was completely hidden under the sofas throw, getting ready to pounce on weatherwitch as a game, when she walks past and grabs my tail! However did she know I was there for goodness sake? I was completely hidden!

It must be magic, damnit you can't trick a witch it seems :-(

Tobacco, How did you know I was here?
feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
25 August 2007 @ 05:23 pm
Tilly was here earlier and managed to sort out the bits from the outhouse. I love investigating things like this, it's great fun, it's my way of helping out with the sorting :-)

Waccy checking out the shed stuff
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
I just love this cat gym from Go-Cat, it's fantastic. I love playing with the mouse and sitting on the scratchpad. Rosie sits on the scratch pad and occasionally plays with the dangly feathers. As for Susie she considers herself too old for such frivoulous behaviour. But she watches although she claims she doesn't. See? Look into the middle at the top and you can see her eyes reflecting from the bathroom doorway as she peers round but pretends not too. That's sneaky :-/

Waccy & Susie watching from bathroom
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
14 August 2007 @ 04:16 pm
weatherwitch has finally remembered to come online so I thought I would make her check out my blog. Ok, mine and my siblings blog.

Tobacco checking out his blog

Bast, I am a really handsome fella ;-)
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
17 July 2007 @ 12:43 pm
Cor! We did well yesterday, weatherwitch got us some new toys & I've had great fun with them. I love the long dangly ones & do great acrobats to try & catch it, (she says they're called Tail Ticklers, long stick toys with a dangly furry tail & feathers at the top), Tobacco has had great fun with toy springs which he's chased full speed across the room, but we've all been fascinated by the CyPurr Mouse. Even though Susie looked at it in disdain I'm sure she liked it really. This silver mouse is activated when we hit it then it talks to us, spins about & it's eyes flash. Tobacco has learnt to run past & hit it as he charges past, needless to say he kept doing that all evening as I was trying to sleep to recover from a days hard playing. Boys & their toys hey? Seems even feline boys like their electronic toys too *sigh*

Rosie & Tobacco with the CyPurr Mouse
feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
04 July 2007 @ 05:22 pm
I don't know, weatherwitch puts out fat balls for the birds to eat which keeps us all greatly entertained and then these fat little blighters come along and steal the bird food for themselves. I sat watching this fella for ages as he pulled all kinds of acrobatic stunts infront of me. I suppose he was looking for applause but he didn't get any from me. Mind he did get verbal abuse from weatherwitch when she saw what he was up seconds after this photo was taken. You can see what was what over on her journal here. She was not amused.

Tobacco watching the squirrel outside the window

I was. lmao
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
27 June 2007 @ 02:33 pm
weatherwitch had the carers review yesterday which meant Grandma Whiskas was there, the carer boss & the carer lady H who is really lovely and we all like her :-)

I said hello to everyone, then settled down onto the sofa by weatherwitch, cuddling up to her. All was well til I let rip with a completely silent but totally deadly fart. Once the smell hit me, I legged it over weatherwitch and carried on past Grandma Whiskas. Judging from the stifled noises from them both, followed by exchanged looks as they blamed me for the foul odour I gather the smell carried on with me.

If they hadn't have choked for fresh air then laughed then no-one else in the room would have known, but no, by their very actions H realised what I had done as well so I was left in pure embarrassment. Mind, given that the awful smell had stayed behind it serves them right doesn't it?!

A handsome cat like me should be allowed to fart in the peace, quiet and comfort of his own home without risk of shame or mortification :-(
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feline familiars (Susie, Rosie Whiskas & Tobacco)
25 June 2007 @ 03:44 pm
You've heard of the saying raining cats & dogs? Well it's raining cats & cats out there. Despite strong winds & heavy rain both Susie & Rosie proved to me that they are totally insane & both went out into the most dreadful weather around two hours ago whilst I on the other hand have been taking it nice & easy relaxing in luxury.
Tobacco taking it easy

They have only just come back & they are soaking wet. Daft blighters.
Look at them, both drenched & looking like drowned rats. I even left my nice warm place to investigate Rosie as I couldn't believe how wet she was. Then weatherwitch dried her with the towel & Rosies long fur went all frizzy as usual :-D
Soaking Rosie with a nosey Tobacco

As for Susie, well, you've never heard such vile & foul language. Anyone would think weatherwitch was trying to murder her not dry her. What a racket, & she got her eyes well cleaned too as she suffers with awful summer allergies & the rain had helped that too whereas she fights weatherwitch when she tried to clean them.
Soaking Susie

But still now Rosie is happy on the dresser, Susie is hiding on top of the wardrobe & I am returning to comfort again. Hmm, should I go back to the footstool or sofa? Decisions, decisions ...
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